10 Dog Training Mistakes You Must Avoid

Dog Training Mistakes, New dog owners often make mistakes with their dog training techniques and how the whole dog training process is approached. Some mistakes are more common than others and I will cover 10 of them here.

Mistake 1

Do not expect to much from your dog early on. Most people who make this mistake usually mean well and really do love dogs, the problem is that they see other peoples dogs and want their own to be like these other dogs straight away. We all see dogs on our walks and over parks who are enjoying the company of other dogs who are so well behaved and obedient and we all become jealous of them. At this point it is forgotten how much time, patience and money has been put into these dogs to achieve the levels of success that have been achieved.

Mistake 2

Another of the common mistakes which just happens to be opposite to that in number 1 is giving up. Once again the owner means well and starts with all good intentions but unfortunately a lack of patience and the necessary commitment to get the sort after results is just not there. Due to their dog not being able to do handstands or cartwheels inside of an hour they decide that their dog is untrainable and resign themselves to life with an untrained dog.

Mistake 3

Lack of consistency. If you tell your dog that it cannot sit by the table when your have guests for dinner then do not let it sit their when you are eating alone. If you want to succeed in any level of dog training then you must remain consistent.

Mistake 4

Using too little positive reinforcement techniques in the training. A dog has to be rewarded for doing the right thing when it is asked to do it or it will not learn. If you only give your dog a correction when it needs correcting but never reward the good behavior then eventually your dog will start doing the wrong things just to make sure that you give it some of your attention.

Mistake 5

Similar to the previous mistake, do not give too much negative reinforcement. Don’t sit and watch your dog waiting for it to make a mistake and then pounce on it to correct it. By concentrating on looking for the wrong behavior you will miss the times when your dog is acting as it should and therefore will not offer the required reward.

Mistake 6

Stay away from training your dog to do things that it was never supposed to do. A common problem in this area is taking a general purpose dog and trying to turn it into the best hunting dog that ever lived. All you will end up with is a confused and frustrated dog and a big headache. Certain dogs were just not made to do certain things. A Dachshund makes a useless fox hound and would you really try and send a Great Dane into a rabbit warren! Make sure you obtain the sort of dog that you need for the job/life that you have in store for it.

Mistake 7

Following through with the training. A dog loves to learn new things and will continue to learn through repeated and consistent lessons. Remember, if you spend a whole day training your dog and then don’t bother for another couple of weeks you must expect your dog to have forgotten everything you taught it two weeks ago. You have to keep going, so rather than a whole day, give it two hours every other day but consistently.

Mistake 8

Avoid overloading your dog with all manner of different training techniques. Although it is good to have different views on training methods you need to find a few which you feel comfortable with which you can implement otherwise you are going to get confused and therefore be sure that your dog will. Stick with one method until you start to see results, gain confidence in that and continue with similar techniques and you will achieve the success you want.

Mistake 9

Too much apathy. Too often a dog owner is heard saying that they hate the way their dog behaves but that it is too late and cannot be fixed. If you want a change to happen then you can make that change happen. Your dog just needs to know that a change brings a reward with it and keeping to a direct firm approach will reward you with quicker results.

Mistake 10

A dog is never fuller trained. Training is a life long process and will never be completed. Your dog may well have learnt to behave as you want it to behave in all situations that you place it in. Remember, your dog will continue to learn so you need to reinforce the required behavior all of the time otherwise your dog will learn new experiences and behave differently.