Cool Dog Tricks – Dog Fetch Beer

Cool Dog Tricks - Dog Fetch Beer

Cool Dog Tricks, Dog training should incorporate a few dog tricks even if they are as simple as shaking hands. They are useful because dog training tricks help focus your dog plus they are great fun for both of you.

An advanced and impressive trick is the ‘Dog Fetch Beer‘ trick. This cool dog trick has your dog go to the fridge, open the door, retrieve a beer and bring it to you (then shut the fridge door). To do this trick your dog needs to know the fetch command.

Before you start, make sure you have your treats ready as rewards for your dog.

  • Now place a few bottles of beer in foam holders (the ones that go right up to the bottle neck are good so that if they are dropped they are less likely to break).
  • Hold the beer in your hand and say “Fetch Beer” and encourage your dog to take it. At first he may not understand what you want but as soon as he opens his mouth slightly and touches the bottle say ‘good boy’ and reward him.
  • Do this a few times and he’ll soon understand what you want. Then place the bottle on the floor. Tap it and say “fetch beer!” Your dog will probably paw it at first thinking its just a game (which it is).
  • Repeat the command and lift it up a little so he gets eventually gets the message and takes it. Reward him when he does this. Once you have him picking up the bottle every time you say “fetch beer” you have completed step one. This can take a few days to master. Your dog should already have basic dog obedience training so that he (or she) will quickly interpret what you are asking him to do.

Step two

This is where he opens your fridge door and place the bottle on a low shelf where you dog can reach it. Tell your dog to go “fetch beer” and encourage him to get the beer for you (stay close so he doesn’t have to go far to give it to you.) Reward and praise.


  • Be patient with this cool dog tick – it’s an advanced dog trick and the process can take a while.
  • Don’t over do it at first. You don’t want your dog to get bored.
  • Use cheap beer – your dog will drop quite a few before he masters it so be prepared for some possible breakages.

Once your dog is taking the beer from the shelf to give it to you move onto the next step where you teach your dog to open the fridge door.

Step 3

  • Tie a rag to your fridge door handle and encourage your dog to pull on it making it a fun game.
  • When the door opens praise and reward and say “fetch beer” so he begins to associate the command with the fridge being opened.
  • Gradually start using the command “fetch beer” while you encourage him to pull the rope to open the door. Very soon your dog will be bringing you beer on command.

Other cool dog tricks that can amaze everyone include:

  • Find the item – where your dog seemingly knows the difference between your car keys, phone, and other such items.
  • The sneezing dog trick where your dog sneezes every time you do and of course
  • The dog wave trick.

Remember that dog tricks are all part of training and enjoying your dog.

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