Discover the Secrets to Guard Dog Training

Discover the Secrets to Guard Dog Training

Introduction Guard Dog

Guard Dog Training many people are under the impression that a good guard dog is one who keeps barking all the time. That is definitely not true. A good guard dog, which has been well trained, is going to be one, who informs his master about an intruder on the premises by barking.

Guard dogs are chosen from a hardy breed, and start their training at the age of about 6 months. By that time, trainers know all about their constitution, health and attitude. So, a sturdy puppy from a breed is chosen for training. Particular breeds such as German Shepherds, Staffordshire terriers, Black Russian terriers, Doberman pinschers and Rottweilers make great guard dogs.

Training Your Pet

A good guard dog is not actually terrifying and is only going to become aggressive when he considers his property to be threatened by intruders. Property is definitely going to include his human family. In such cases, he may attack anybody he considers to be a threat to the safety of his property. So, it is necessary that you teach your pet to know when and how to obey the commands at all times.

Guard dog training should not interfere with any other training. For example house training should start when your pup is a couple of weeks old and his guard dog training needs to start after he is fully housetrained. i.e. at the age of 6 months or so. Remember to make sure that the training does not conflict with any house training commands. So, if you have taught your pet as a puppy not to welcome people by jumping on them, there is a chance that it is not going to jump on a trainer, pretending to be an intruder.


There are plenty of websites on the Internet where you can get lots of valuable information on systematic guard dog training and you can either train your dog yourself or hire a professional dog trainer who specializes in this area. Remember, that if you choose to undertake this training yourself it will take a great deal of time and patience, will require a great deal of calm-assertive leadership from you and should be done under safe conditions.

Training Sessions

Sessions need to consist of very strict obedience lessons and a great deal of calm-assertive leadership from you. A good guard dog needs these lessons reinforced so he does not hesitate to obey your commands. Your dog should be taught not to take any treats from anybody except from you or a person you would like your pet to socialize with. This is to protect him from being harmed by a potential intruder.

Your pet needs to be trained in such a manner that he can spot potential intruders and strangers entering the premises. The training session needs to teach him to bark and come back to you to “tell” you about the intruder. This training session of barking and coming back to you should be repeated a number of times until you show your dog that you recognize the intruder. Your dog will then understand that his job has been completed successfully.

A well trained dog should understand that members of his family are definitely not to be harmed by either by biting or by attacking. This is only in the case of guard dogs that are trained specially to attack strangers.


Guard dog training should always be done in a safe environment and you need to show your dog that you are pack leader so he must obey your commands at all time. If you are unsure as to how to guard dog train your dog properly you should consider hiring a professional dog trainer who specializes in this area, after all you still want a family pet as well as a dog who guards your home.

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