Dog Breeds Most Suitable For Children

Dog breeds that are most suitable for children are breeds that have a mild temperament and playful attributes. It is important to note that every animal including the canine has its own personality. Therefore any of our suggested breeds may or may not be the right choice for your children. All dog owners must take the time to educate the entire family about the canine. Then do the necessary dog training and child training as well.

It is paramount that parents while making the choice of what dog they wish to include in the family get as much dog information from the breeder as possible.  What the bitch and the male’s history are as it relates to kids and aggression. The breeder should assist you in picking a puppy with a mild temperament, one that does not become aggressive with noise and roughhousing. Also it is very important to know and match what environment is best suited for the dog breed itself.

Another important piece of advice is that no young toddler should ever be left unsupervised with your family dog or any other dog. When the child matures and grows to understand the relationship, then is able to utilize the dog training techniques your family is providing, you may then start weaning the supervision. We highly recommend monitoring the results.

Below are our top ten choices we think you should consider and why:

1.    The Labrador Retriever ranks at the top of our list. Their reputation as a fun loving family oriented canine is unsurpassed. They are most often good around children of all ages.

2.    The Golden Retriever is also an excellent choice for children of all ages. They are often easy going, playful and eager to please.

3.    Flat Coat Retriever’s love children and are a great family choice. They are also eager to please and train reasonably well.  These dogs adjust well in many environments, so keep this in mind.

4.    Newfoundland’s are extremely well suited for children. They have a sweet temperament and love children. They can handle more roughhousing than most dogs and simply go lay down when they have had enough. They always keep a watchful eye over the family and are very trustworthy dog. Environment plays a key role whether one should own a Newfoundland or not.

5.    The Saint Bernard is another good choice for children. Saints normally have a very mild temperament and love children. With a little training they become devoted, fun loving companions. Again your environment is an important consideration because of their size.

6.    Irish Setters are great family dogs and very good around children. They can be sensitive to a lot of boisterous activity, so keep that in mind. When they have had enough they normally retreat to the comfort of a quiet place.

7.    An English Setter is a very good choice for children. They have a mellow temperament and a loving nature.  With a little dog training these dogs make excellent companions.

8.    Beagles are normally a good choice for children as are many in the hound family. They are usually good around children, love to play. Beagles do have a stubborn streak about them however. They can be a bit of a challenge to train at times but patience will be rewarded.

9.    Pugs are normally a good dog for children. Pugs are very patient and fun loving canines that fit well in an urban environment. They do not tolerate interruptions when eating, like many canines. So keep this in mind around small toddlers.

10.    The Collie is another great choice for children. They have an even temperament, very docile and gentle. These make great family dogs and are a perfect fit in many environments.

These suggestions are by no means the only dog breeds you should consider. But they are a good start in your attempt to find what breed is best suited for your children and family environment. Please take the time to make informed decisions.  Remember that having a canine part of your family will require some consistent dog training. We at dog information blog are dedicated to the canine and dog lovers alike. We hope this information is useful and your feedback is welcome.

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