Dog Training: How To Train Your Dogs Easily

Why Dog Training Helps Create Happier Family Pets

Dog Training keeping a dog at home is something fun and interesting. Studies have shown that having a little pet at home can make your life fun and at the same time, release your stress and pressure from work.

Getting a pet dog is easy to do, but taking care and training him is another story. Most people would love to have a dog as a pet, but when it comes to taking care of the dog or training him, the owners feel challenged.

In this article, you are going to discover the 5 tips how you can train your dog easily.

You can learn how to teach him to come to you when called. You can ask him to stay quiet, to give you his paw and do ‘handshake’, or even request your dog to crawl.

Here are the 5 tips that you must apply…

1. Create a training schedule

Do you know that training a dog requires a proper schedule? The more strictly you follow the schedule, the better the result and the quicker your dog will learn what you have to teach him. This is because when you have a schedule, your dog will be better prepared and expected to be trained by you.

2. Use the right reward

Using treats as rewards for your dog is extremely important during a training session. Praising your dog and giving him a pat on the head is just not enough. Most dogs love to eat and if you use the right treat that they love, they will follow through what you ask them to do.

3. Use a clicker only when necessary

Some dogs are not as obedient and they will never listen to you. If that is the case, choose to use a clicker. It is always better to train your dog without using a clicker. Why? The answer is that you do not want to your dog respond to you only when the clicker is there. You want your dog to follow your instructions, not the clicker.

4. Start small and train

Try to train your puppy when you brought him home. You do not have to wait until he is 3 months old only to teach him. Your puppy will basically learn every move you make and try to understand your interaction with him. So start small and train when it is just a puppy.

5. The key to great dog training is patience

This is where most people are going to give up and quit. At first, they feel fun and interesting to teach their dog to do army crawl. However, after some days and their dogs still don’t get it, they started to lose hope and give up. Training requires a lot of effort and patience. This is especially true if you are not a good training and you do not show that you are the pack leader to your dog.

However, never give up and continue to train. Stick to your schedule and try to improve from time to time. You will only get better and eventually your dog will understand what you want him to do.


Training a dog is something fun and interesting to do, but it may not be as easy as you think. You should always start from easy and simple training such as command your dog to come to you when called or teach him to sit when requested.

Once you have successfully taught your dog the basic and simple command, only then you bring it to the next level.

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