Dog Training – Important Tips

Dog trainers have different ways of dog training, and every one of them has a different point of view, which is actually correct and comes with a positive result at the end.

This means that it is wrong to look for a particular method of dog training. You should take the basic and come with your own dog training method that suits your dog because you are actually the only one who really knows how your dog thinks and how he/she acts whether he’s sad or happy!

So, now I’m going to write the most important things that you must follow if you want to train your dog correctly without getting him/her tired or pissed, this gives you the ability to continue in the training and the ability to train your dog once again for new stuff anytime you want. All this can be done by following the same steps as a repeat.

1- Start With Easy-To-Learn Things

You should start training your dog with things that’s easy and simple, because all dogs are completely unable to understand any thing at the beginning. And, if you start training your pet with the difficult and complicated things in the beginning you will 100% get him/her confused and unable to implement what you say. You yourself will despair and get disappointed of the training and will probably stop it.

2- Keep Remembering That Dogs Are Not Humans

That means you should NOT yell at your dog’s face if he doesn’t follow your steps because this way doesn’t help at all. Like I just said before dogs are not humans and they won’t be able do understand such a thing you ask them to do at the beginning, so in this situation you are not advised to go this way. You actually may be wrong not your dog, because most of the time trainers start the training with a hard thing to learn (for a dog) or a difficult skill like I just mentioned above or you’re probably teaching him/her an easy thing but using a wrong method so keep your eye open for this tip.

3- Provide Your Dog Something He/She Likes

You should give your dog a prize for doing something I actually use this way much when I train my own dog. Anyway making your dog happy during the training is a positive thing for you. And like there’s a work time, there should be a fun time as well (for your dog not just you).

4- Training Times

Don’t set so many training hours per day, this will probably get your dog pissed off, you should set up a fairly training program. Starting with a short hours per day is useful then you can make it longer the next day and so on until you reach the maximum hours for a suitable dog training system.

5- Don’t Get Bored

It’s not a real step but I’m telling you this is a real tip. Stay remembered that normal aged or old aged dogs need enough time to understand what you are trying to tell. So, you should be a patient trainer don’t expect to make all this in a night or so, just ensure you’re doing it the right way and you will come with a positive result at the end.

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