Equipping Your Dog With the Right Supplies

The Offical Dog Grooming Supply Overview

Equipping Your Dog, Just like we need certain equipment for our daily lives, our pets also require certain items to help them maintain healthy, happy lives. When choosing dog equipment there are a number of different items that can be purchased but some are essential for dog owners to have. Providing a dog with shelter, safety and confirm its identity. Consider these areas to get you started.

Identification Equipment

Dog tags should be purchased and attached to the dog’s collar or harness for identification. The tag typically includes the owner’s phone number, address, zip code and the pet’s name. In most areas a dog license will also be required this will include the identification number issued to the dog and contact information for its licensing organization.

Basic Equipment

A dog collar and leash is needed for taking your pet on walks to ensure they don’t run out into traffic and get injured. A leash is also needed to comply with leash laws, which in some areas require that dogs be secured when not on their owner’s property. If your dog goes missing the tag attached to the leash will help him be identified and returned home; making it essential that a quality durable leash that will not easily tear or be yanked off by your pet is chosen. If a dog will be sleeping outside a dog house and kennel are ideal for protecting your animal in all weather conditions and offering safe shelter. Inside a dog bed will provide your animal a comfortable place for sleeping and resting. Every dog you have will also require their own feeding and water bowls to help them feel secure in their environment.

Grooming Equipment

Keeping your dog clean will require getting them equipment specifically made for dogs. A dog grooming brush, comb, shampoo and conditioner are a must for keeping your pet free from fleas and other pest. Nail clippers will keep your dog from scratching furniture in the home or accidentally stretching family members. Clippers and shears may also be needed for managing your pet’s hair to keep it from becoming matted and odor free. Tooth scalers can remove plague from dog teeth, eye drops can remove gunk from eyes and ear powder can be sprayed on the ears for keeping ears dry and keeping infections away.

Equipment for Exercise and Fun

For your dog to have an active life, equipment that keeps your dog entertained should be used. For boredom reducers’ sock balls are great for tug-of-war and tossing games and flying discs are great for playing fetch. Chew toys will keep your dog something to gnaw besides your shoes and furniture. Rawhide bones, biscuits, chewy treats and more can be used to reward good behavior. Dental sticks are useful at improving the appearance and health of your dog’s teeth. For improving muscle strength, stamina and resistance of your pet a dog treadmill is the ultimate purchase. They are ideal for active dogs or those on the brink of becoming obese. Dog treadmills are useful when bad weather or time constraints prevents you from taking your dog on a walk or exercising outdoors or if you just want your pet to have more versatility in their workouts.

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