Facts About Dog Clicker Training

One of the oldest yet the most effective trainings in handling dogs is clicker training. Indeed, dog clicker training was initially designed by dolphin coaches. The first dolphin trainers experienced the problem of attempting to collaborate with a creature which could not be controlled or even forced to work.

For every animal training technique that has been developed over the years dealing with dogs, elephants and horses, there wasn’t one that could apply to a creature that could only swim. Dolphin trainers, in practice found they could not deprive the dolphins from food, and could not punish them, therefore such trainers attempted an alternative method.

They implemented a favorable meal as a reward.

Later on, these type of dog training courses were adapted and found effective in dogs and other domesticated animals. Training with a clicker is a positive reinforcement method with the aid of noisemaker or clicker. This form of operant conditioning was also used during World War II. And there is a reason why dog clicker training is so effective…read on!

The marker accuracy in clicker training is superb. With other means of training, you may find it hard to spot the exact moment when your dog will execute desirable behavior or acts. Typically the traditional rewards and verbal praise is delivered with more complexity because of the difficulty in determining the precise moment when your dog made acceptable acts, making any dog obedience problems more challenging to manage.

Dog training courses designed with a clicker in mind have the capacity to spot the correct behavior of your pet. This dog clicker training with a clicker or the small mechanical noisemaker has an unvarying and specific sound that will help you with that is reward based and uses positive reinforcement.

The clicker is used during the acquisition phase of training a new behavior, to allow the animal to rapidly identify that a behavior is sought and according to recent research, dog clicker training is found useful and effective in reducing training time as well as increasing retention of the appropriate behavior in your dog.

The consistency of the training is also a benefit to the dog owners and trainers. Again, verbal markers are less precise because of the combination of your voice’s presence as well as variations in the tone of your speech in every session. So in clicker training, the variations in your voice as well as in your speech will be eliminated. This method of dog training uses a precise and single audible noise. Because of this, communicating to your pet is clear, easy and constant. Furthermore, it is easy to teach your dog with simple to complex tasks.

Since you are using constant and reinforcement techniques that are positive, the learning retention in your dogs are higher. With a little duration and frequency of practice, the learned task will be retained in your dog’s mind, making it easier to cope with your dog obedience problems.

The efficiency of training with a clicker is just one example of the best methods dog training courses available.

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