Getting The Right Attitudes In Conducting Dog Training

Why Dog Training Helps Create Happier Family Pets

Having the right attitude towards dog training is among some of the most important aspects to successfully train your dog. Sometimes you may not realized it but it is having a wrong attitude that could be the case on why your dog continues to have that behavior problem and the problem is still there despite efforts you put in to train your dog.

It is not the techniques that are wrong but rather your attitude in doing the dog training. You see, dogs are very sensitive to your emotions – more than you might want to believe. Hence the failure or success when you train your dog starts right there in your head!

If you are having problems in your dog training, think about it again. Did you conduct the training full-heartedly or you did the training just half-heartedly because you have to do so? When training your dog, di you just go through the dog training quickly so that you can get back to finish your never-ending reports for your boss?

Are you using a certain dog training technique from the program you have just bought and you are in doubt if the technique you use to train your dog is going to work but you still do it anyway because you have already paid for it?

Well if those are the attitudes you have, then it’s not going to work. This is because success in dog training will depend first and foremost on your attitude, state of mind and how well you understand and apply the following principles or concepts:

Your Dog Is An Animal

Despite the fact that your dog is very attached to you and you consider him a part of the family, he is still not a human. He has to be taught and train on what to do and what he can or is allowed to do. Your dog also learns through repeated steps, so you will also have to be patient when you train your dog.

With his animal instinct, your dog sometimes may exhibit behaviors that are not acceptable to you. Normally there will be a tendency to punish the dog for the bad behavior. If a punishment is needed, remember not to use harsh punishments but rather use the opposite that is reward for good behavior as a positive reinforcement to inculcate good behavior.

There Is No Free Lunch

When dealing with animals your dog included, know that they do not understand something such as free treat. Sometimes you may be tempted to pamper your dog but training your dog is an ongoing process. So from now on, make sure that you get your dog to work for every treat he gets. Consider that as an ongoing dog training process for him. This is because if you spoil your dog by giving him treats without him putting any effort to get it, he may think that he is entitled to those treats and may choose not to listen to your commands.

Who Is The Boss?

Dogs are basically pack animals. What this means is that by their natural instinct they will follow the leader of the pack. By their natural instincts, they will also try to become the leader. To be successful in dog training and to have your dog listen to you and obey your commands, you must be the leader to your dog.

However you must also be careful and see what type of dog breed your dog is. Blindly applying the leadership principle if you have a naturally assertive dog breed like the Jack Russell terrier breed may result in a disaster.

To learn the techniques on how to be the leader to your dog, check out this dog resource site which has a very good eBook on how to be an alpha dog (leader to your dog) to even assertive dog breeds like the Jack Russell breed. Visit the site [] to download that valuable eBook for free. You can also follow the link here to check out some other very excellent free dog training resources that you can use to train your dog.