Simple Tips for Dog House Training

Some Facts About Dog Obedience Training

Dog house training is one of the most indispensable phases in the process of coaching your household pet. Seasoned trainers suggest that dog owners should rely on the characteristics of the dog in carrying out this training program. Perhaps, one of the things that will work to the advantage of owners and instructors is that dogs are generally clean and susceptible to instructions. Under normal conditions, these pets are not prone to make their sleeping and eating areas dirty. As a matter of fact, dogs are easier to train compared to other animals with regards to expelling urine and feces.

In dog house training, the very first stage requires the setting up of a training area which may be a tiny and enclosed space like the comfort room, garage or dirty kitchen. It is entirely different compared to the crate-type of training which is meant for puppies. What does the owner have to do in conducting the training?

1. Spend time with the dog.

2. Play with the animal in the training space.

3. Compel the dog to eat and sleep in the training area.

4. Provide the dog with a bed that can be a box or a big towel.

When the dog has become familiar with sleeping on that couch, the owner can now move the dog around the house. However, it should stay permanently in the training room.

The next procedure is to put up a toilet section which the dog can use for its biological needs. The owner should take time to go along with the animal until it has become used to this habit. This precautionary measure will guarantee the dog uses this toilet zone for the purpose. There must be a predetermined feeding schedule because this determines the regular schedule for the dog’s lavatory patterns. When it reaches the point that the dog has become acquainted with using the recognized toilet place and uses it recurrently, it is necessary not to confine the animal for an extended interlude without free access to the toilet.

The third phase in dog house training entails expanding the toilet to other parts of the home. This should be done on a room-to-room basis to test the capacity of your pet to control its bowel movement and bladder. The secret here, according to training experts, is to permit the dog to play, eat and sleep in the room provided the owner is present to oversee everything. Make it a point to reward your pet and avoid punishments since these will only puzzle the dog and decelerate the entire procedure.

Finally, dog house training requires that the owner feeds his or her pet dog a good diet that will not result in disorders such as difficulty in defecation or excessive bowel movements. Dogs that suffer from this condition get easily bothered and the process is hampered. These animals should also be given ample water to drink aside from nourishing food. If owners are able to follow these suggestions, it is highly possible that the training will be successful.

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