Small Dog Training Advice

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Some people choose a small dog breed as their choice of pet because they consider them easier to train and also because they can be very well behaved and good house pets. Some consider smaller dogs to be easier to obedience train because they are easier to control, they are intelligent and like to please their owner. Of course not all small dogs are guaranteed to be easier to train, some of them can be extremely willful and difficult, and have a mind of their own!

When you have your small dog and are ready to start his training you need to choose between the training options that you feel would be most suitable for your dog and you, these methods would include teaching him yourself at home, or having the assistance of a professional trainer, there are advantages and disadvantages to both.

Small Dog Training – Having Professional Help:

There are a lot of professional dog trainers in the country, some are specialised in certain areas, and some do it all! Some professional dog trainers specialise in small dog training too. Professional trainers have a lot of knowledge, and often many years of experience. They can usually help teach your dog what you want it to do, and often with quick results. Although it must be remembered that not all dogs will learn quickly, some will be easier and some will be more difficult, it simply depends on each individual case. A good professional trainer will want to do the best job for you and your dog, it is their career and also what you are paying them for.

The disadvantage of employing a professional dog trainer to help you with your small dog training is simply the cost. Depending on how long the training to takes to get the results with your dog that you are satisfied with will depend on how much it will cost you.

However it really can be a cost well worth paying, particularly if you are a first time owner, or if you have a difficult dog.

Time is also another disadvantage, as you would need to try and schedule your available time with that of the professional trainer. Some trainers will do home visits, or alternatively you would need to go to their premises, or meet at a proper scheduled trainer venue and classes. There are some trainers which will take your dog for a number of weeks to their training centre and train them themselves, however you as the owner would not be present for those sessions. Then on completion of the training programme the trainer would guide you on how to continue with the training that has been established to ensure you know what you are doing.

Small Dog Training – Doing It Yourself:

The majority of people undertake their small dog training themselves. Some will instinctively know what to do, others will ask fellow dog owners, some may consult, books, magazines or the internet on how to train their dog properly.

The advantage of training your dog yourself is of course that you can do it at times in the day that are suitable for you, and you can take the training at your own pace.

You can also choose the venue where you choose to train your dog, so some days you may do it in the house, another in the garden, another in a field or the park, or even a trip into the local village or town. However you should devote some time every day to training you young dog in order that he does not become totally unmanageable when he reaches maturity.

Dog training can be repetitive, and sometimes frustrating but you need to persevere, good training will pay off eventually! You need to use positive reinforcement, clear commands, and praise him when he does well, this of course will drive him to want to please you more.

The other advantage to training your dog yourself is that you do not have the cost of employing a professional trainer, although you may spend some money on books for training advice.

The disadvantage to doing it yourself is if you do not have the time, or have a difficult dog, or you are inexperienced you may not achieve the results you intended.

Even if you decide to train the dog yourself, if things are going wrong, don’t forget to consider the other option of seeking professional advice.

Small dog training done well will result in you and your dog working well together and having great companionship for years to come.

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