The Importance of Dog Obedience Training

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Many people are convinced the most important thing they can do when they get a new dog or puppy is start him in dog obedience. Obedience training should definitely be one of the first things you do because it will teach your dog how to act in an assortment of circumstances that he’ll almost certainly encounter at some point in his life. Instead of enrolling their dog in formal obedience classes, however, some people would rather train their dogs on their own. Others simply can’t afford going to obedience classes, but some of the benefits you and your dog can gain from obedience training are described below.

The Overall Benefits of Obedience Training for Dogs

In general, obedience training teaches dogs how to react properly to specific, properly-delivered commands. You, as the dog owner, are also learning during obedience training. In other words, you’ll learn how to give and enforce the commands you’re teaching your dogs. Many people think it’s their dog’s responsibility to do all the work during obedience, but that’s far from the truth. Obedience training for dogs is actually a two-way street where both you and your dog have tasks to fulfill. A few examples are below.

Establish the proper pecking order: you’ll learn how to assert your dominance over your dog during obedience training. This is essential for teaching your dog his place in the pecking order, where your dog realizes you’re in charge and must be listened to. The key to effective dog training is establishing and maintaining your status as the alpha leader. Use the same training techniques at home to help your dog learn quickly.

Basic commands: during obedience training for dogs you’ll teach your dog basic commands, including sit, stay, heel, and down – the four key commands that form the foundation of teaching your dog essentially all other commands in the future. Learning them will also teach your dog to respond better when it’s really important.

Biting and excessive barking: these are two of the worst potential canine behavior problems, but obedience training can help you address both of them. Dealing with a biting problem while your dog is still young is especially important.

Walking properly on a leash: does your dog drag you down the pavement while you’re out on a walk? If so, obedience training for dogs can help you. A good class will teach you how to prevent your dog from pulling or dragging behind you. Instead, he’ll walk beside you calmly when you tell him to “heel.” You can also teach him to sit when you stop walking, which is handy when you arrive at a street corner or if you want to let another dog pass by.

Obedience training for dogs provides the essential foundation for your dog’s behavior at home. If you have a puppy or an older dog that does not behave properly, consider enrolling in a dog obedience class to get him onto the path toward good canine behavior.

Bring the Lessons Home

Obedience classes are really just the initial steps of obedience training for dogs. Your dog should learn a few basic commands during your classes, but you’ll have difficulty maintaining control over his behavior unless you bring the lessons home and apply them there. Always be consistent and show your dog you’re his pack leader. In addition, everyone in your household should follow the same techniques your classes teach you when they’re interacting with your dog.

Remember, your dog will do what you and the other people in your household teach him. Be consistent but reassuring when you’re giving and enforcing your commands. As soon as you start hesitating or don’t firmly enforce the commands you give him, your dog will start reverting to the behaviors you’ve both worked so hard to eradicate.

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