Traveling With the Family Dog

Traveling With the Family Dog, Every dog I’ve ever met loves to go in the car, be included in family activities and generally go anywhere his humans are going. For most of us who own a dog, he or she is truly another family member. A lot of the time, if the family vacation is a road trip, pooch will get to come along too.

Here are a few tips to make traveling with the dog enjoyable and fun for everyone.

On the day of departure, and any day with a lot of driving, feed the dog tiny meals throughout the day to avoid getting sick in the car. Small amounts of water are advisable too. Gulping too much water too fast can make the dog vomit too. If the dog does tend to get car-sick, it is safe to give him a Children’s Gravol or Children’s Dramamine tablet about 30 minutes before going in the car.

Children and dogs have a lot in common when it comes to long drives. Plan to make frequent rest stops throughout the day. Give him a chance to relieve himself and take a few minutes to walk him around. This is a good habit for both the dogs and the humans.

Never, under any circumstances, leave your dog in a parked car. Even with the windows open, heatstroke can happen in just minutes in the summertime.

Obviously, you’ll want to make reservations and hotels or motels that allow dogs. I prefer the motels with the rooms on the ground floor with a separate entrance for each room. This makes taking the dog out for a walk or bathroom break much easier.

Traveling with dogs can be fun for the dog and the family, as long as you take care of the dog properly on your trip. Once the dog gets used to traveling with you, you’ll have a hard time leaving him home!

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