How to Teach Your Dog to Fetch and Speak

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Fetch and Speak, Don’t you wish that your dog know how to speak to you or answers you back with verbal tones, that will make it life so much more fun and easier. While teaching him a cool trick such as how to speak that would be very nice to teach another which will entertain him physically to have a happier and healthier life. Playing fetching with your best friend will be also a great daily exercise for a longer life.

How to Teach Him to Speak?

If your pet barks when the doorbell rings or someone knocks at the door, use the following method to train your dog how to ‘speak’ command. You may not want to teach your puppy ‘speak’ if your best friend has already having trouble with excessive barking because while teaching your dog ‘speak’ you are actually encouraging him to bark even more..

Ask your dog to ‘speak’ when your dog barks the doorbell or knocks, praise him cheerfully and say ‘good speak’ Practice couple times a day and your puppy will learn bark when you say ‘speak’.

If your dog does not barking to doorbell or knocks on the door then ask him to ‘speak’ wave and squeak your dog’s favorite toy but do not let him have it, after one or two minutes your dog will become frustrated not having the toy and your dog will bark at you. When your pet barks say ‘good speak’ Praise enthusiastically and reward your dog with a small dog treat. After these methods if your dog still not speaking you need to find what triggers your dog to bark so you can use that to teach your dog to ‘speak’ Remember it takes time, consistency and love to teach new tricks to your best friend.

How to Teach Him to Fetch?

Every dog needs to have exercise daily and making exercise fun will help you and your dog to have healthier and happier life. Some dog breeds are really energetic and even you walk and run with them they might still have more energy than you so teaching your dog ‘fetch’ will help your dog to release more energy. Tennis ball is perfect for fetch; they are small, easy to carry in their mouths. Cut narrow lane on a tennis ball and put some treats in the ball. Showing your dog the treats while putting them in the ball might be a great idea. Give one of the treat to your dog to set the expectation. Throw the ball and go with your dog at the beginning, get the ball and give your dog the treat. If your dog touches and brings the ball to you say’ good fetch’ cheerfully and happily and give the treat. Tennis ball might be big for some breeds you be able to also use plastic small balls instead of a tennis ball. After practicing ‘fetch’ ten times, your dog will know there is a treat in the ball. Since your dog wants the treat, he will go and get it for you. Some dog breeds naturally do and love fetching which is easier to teach them.

After your dog learns fetch give always little treat, eventually your dog learns to get the ball without even having a treat from the ball.

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