Simple Dog Commands Every Dog Owner Must Know

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Dog Commands, The most common commands use simple words that are configured in a different way from each other, for example ‘down’ and ‘come’. These commands are two of the commands designed to aid your pup to be trained without confusion. In addition, it helps to have the right equipment to execute these commands.

The base for all training dogs is the emphasis of their behaviours with reward and praise. Positive recognition given towards a well behaved dog, is an effective method for your home-based Dog Obedience Classes. Your consistency, persistence, and patience is the most valuable element with any type of training with your pup. Do remember to utilize lots of rewarding and praise. Also do ensure that you utilize simple words that will teach straightforward dog commands.

Some basic command training requirements for your Dog Obedience Classes:

Utilize a collar made of nylon and six foot leash.

Each lesson should only endure for maybe ten to fifteen mins.

Begin in your household on a leash

One lesson at once should be practiced.

Don’t make your pup confused by having all your commands taught at the same time.

Each lesson should concentrate on the training component at hand.

Praise your canine by saying ‘good dog’ or OK! Thereby releasing him from your command.

Should your pup or canine appear to be scared of the collar or struggles with his leash, more can be read on leash and collar training for simple help, with those training aids.

Where can you begin your training commands?

Begin at home where few distractions can be had. Utilize a collar made of nylon and a leash that is six foot for best management. Your canine should be concentrating on you, and little wandering away. Focus on one command. Only when you have completed the commands successfully, can you begin to train outdoors, where more distractions appear. Keep your pup leashed at all times.


When the command ‘come’ is utilized, your canine’s name ought to always be placed prior to the ‘come’ command. For example ‘ronald, come!’ this method can then enable you to attain your canine’s attention, also allowing your canine to understand that you are addressing him and not anyone else.

When you train your pup in Dog Obedience Classes, do remember that no canines or pups are the same, so training techniques must be adjusted depending on the individual dog. Don’t command your dog’s name as a threat. You don’t need your pup to associate his or her name with being told off. When your pup finishes the job, say ‘ronald. Come! Then your canine is rewarded with a treat and some praise.

Before commanding, you must do the following:


with a collar and leash on your canine, should your pup start to not pay attention, the long leash attached is for you to pull your pup in after providing a command. ‘ronald, come’ this then stops you needing to have the command repeated and your canine will soon know when it is beckoned. With enough practice and repeating these commands, your pup will eventually know the way to find that treat and praise.


with this command you have to instruct your dog to the down position by saying ‘Ronald, down!’ grab the leash and gently pulling your canine’s head in a downwards position whilst press down on the blades of his shoulder at the same time.

For the down command, you have to position your canine into a downwards placement, and say ‘Ronald, down’ take the leash and gradually pull your canine’s head downwards whilst pressing down between your pup’s shoulder blades with your palm.

If your pup doesn’t respond, take a grip of it’s forelegs and bring them out before you. Having gone through this process once or twice, you can place your pup into a downwards placement when you raise your right arm with your palm faced flattened towards your canine, and say the ‘down’ command

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