The Ten Best Dog Training Tips

There are many different ways to train your dog, and not all of them may be right for you. There are certain qualities that all dog training programs share. Regardless of what program you have chosen, you can make it much easier and enjoyable by using these ten dog training tips.

1. Ascertain your dominance. Dogs are pack animals that typically live in groups, which is why one is always known as “Alpha-Dog.” The Alpha of the pack is the head dog of the group. The rest of the pack follows the alpha’s lead. You need to make sure your dog sees you as the alpha of its pack. If you don’t establish yourself as the pack leader, your dog may start to walk all over you. You will achieve much more in your dog training if you can make your pet understand that you are the dominant, or the alpha.

2. Apply some patience. Patience is the one aspect to dog training that you will require the most. Dogs don’t learn everything you you want them to in a day, they can’t, so patience is the key when working with your dog. Even if you feel that your dog might be hopeless, you need to find your patience and keep working on it.

3. Never stop training. Persistence goes hand-in-hand with patience. It is true that some dogs can learn very quickly. Other dogs may take longer. Sometimes your dog will act as though it has learned a behavior, but later you may find out that it really hasn’t. The training has to continue beyond just short sessions, to make sure that it is fully learned.

4. Playtime is important. Never allow training to take over your life. Playing is an essential part of your dog’s life, just as it is for you! If you set aside part of your day to have fun with your dog, your job of training will be simple.

5. Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Even though you are training, your dog still needs exercise. To keep your dog at optimal health, and to keep them burning off energy that is excessive, exercise your dog each day.

6. Don’t expect miracles. You shouldn’t expect things out of your dog that are impossible. Dogs have more difficulty with some tricks. Your dog will be much happier and training him will be easier if you don’t have ridiculously high expectations of what you want your dog to learn.

7. Don’t resort to bribery. You should not overuse rewards or treats when it comes to training your dog. All this does is teach your dog to complete a task for a prize, as opposed to doing it because you wanted them to. It’s true that you should emphasize decent behavior with praise an intermittent reward, but never use treats to make them do your bidding; otherwise, you will be readying yourself for failure in the days to come.

8. Keep things consistent. Stick with your schedule and routine of training once you have established one. It is a well known fact that dogs thrive with routines and require a program. Sticking to a schedule will help your training stick and make everyone involved happier.

9. Never be harsh with punishments. Discipline is imperative in a training regimen. However, discipline is to be stern, not cruel. Using a firm voice will work a lot better than just yelling at your dog.

10. Get your family involved with training. Your whole family needs to be involved in the training for it to stick properly. If everyone is using the same method of training, then it will prevent confusion on your dog’s part, and make training easier.

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